Working With Us

About Us:

Tekkashop Furniture also known as is Australia’s online destination for furniture & homewares. The brand was founded in 2019. Behind Tekkashop lies a guiding philosophy to always provide the customer, with the best in value, savings and price.

Our Objective:

Due to the global COVID19 pandemic, we understood that most eligible workforce will be required to stay at home, some even lost their job because they cant perform during this period, therefore, we have designed a program that allows you to carry on your professionalism and earn a living while staying at home.

About the job:

We have about 10,000 products that are on paper catalogs waiting for us to upload them into our website, one by one. Most of the hard works such as document scanning and uploading have been completed, your task will be beautifying the listing such as re-write the description, check the photo, and making sure the weight and size are accurate before converting it into a live listing.

About the training:

Training will be provided via Skype and after that, you will be on your own. Remuneration will be based on your performance (for example, by each completed listing).

About the requirement:

You must have taken calculus in high school / College/University (supporting document is required), intermediate level in English writing, and have a computer with internet access.

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